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The online As often happens to older games, the origins of Craps is dark. Several theories exist as to their invention. For some, the game comes from a very similar amusement, practiced low Roman Empire. At that time, the warriors were accustomed to carve pork bones cube-shaped. To have fun with the fighting, pulling on a shield turned upside down and bet on the results.

For others, Craps comes from an English game called Hazard. I practiced since MEDIA Age, was invented by Sir William Tire, in 1125, to amuse his troops during the making of the Arab castle called Hearth or Surf, reports said. The name of the game would come from the name of the palace. Other experts think the name Hazard is more than the Arabic word given, namely Al Zach or Anza. For others, craps has many more above the medieval origins. Indeed, they say, the Arabs practiced a game called lazar, or die in Castilian, cubes with numbers. The game travels, thanks to the merchants to the hexagon of the 12th century, even before, when called Hazard.

In Great Britain, in the 17th and 18th centuries, the Hazard is particularly appreciated. In popular taverns in the gambling halls finest high society: nobody prevented. France is also very precious. To differentiate itself, is nicknamed crab (crab in French). This word designates a score of 2, the Hazard, which means the player has lost. De Craps the game will gradually lead to Craps in the mid-19th century, the name under which it is still practiced today. Craps import to the United States. The British and French settlers carry Craps when installed south along the east coast of the United States. This is where the game is simplified and transformed.

Bernard de Mandeville, a resident of New Orleans, is known for bringing improvements in 1893. As for poker, craps stakes are on the boats that cross the Mississippi. These Steamboats have played an important role in the democratization of the game in America making travel around the country. The game still has many imperfections, especially as regards betting rules. In the early 19th century model, a passionate player named John Hwan find a way to bend these limits. For that, invents a new table game that offers the option happens, happens online and not spend more, do not pass line, for betting. With this innovation, the shooter is not alone in being able to wager. That invention contributed to the Craps became even more celebrated and popular.

From the beginning of the 20th century, the game starts to be known worldwide. During World War I soldiers practice the game to have fun with the fighting. So much traveling between America and Europe, America and Asia. At the end of his journey, Craps wins the votes of the people who discover. Today it is practiced in casinos around the world from Las Vegas to Macau via Monte Carlo.

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