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Factors Of Online Casinos

These rooms are always open for the category of players who are able to bet from, say, a hundred dollars at a time. But there are VIP-lounges and such that is not open to everyone, even the wealthy visitors. Typically, these facilities are not advertised publicly, and open quite rare, especially for a single, very significant man for the casino - an important person, to which are business oligarchs, rich and famous athletes, pop stars of world size, and similar individuals in our society. Needless to say that one approach such a person can dramatically change the result of the common room for many days, weeks or even months. For the player who is at a time in the box casino employee annual salary and special attitude. Almost every whim will be satisfied with it quickly and with a smile.

Such a player, nicknamed Vale rich sometimes would drop into one of the very prestigious casinos in Moscow. As a rule, not one, but with the faithful fellow-bodyguard, who also was his cashier. And when Vale rich bored hundreds of thousands of green roll roulette, he sat at a card normal (or restaurant) table two dealers male, he sat down with a friend, and played with them in the "fool" - a couple for a couple. I must say that even though the dealer has to deal with daily charts, but "fool" play a
very mediocre, because in this game the casino is not practiced. But even if the dealer and were among the virtuoso playing "fool", then show their skills they could not - the management is strictly forbidden to outperform Valericha. He, like any other powerful, did not like to lose. At the same time instructed to play with skill, so as not lost interest in the victory, but at the last moment, as always, to make the mistake that led to defeat.

It should be noted that such close contact - very unusual for a casino. By the dealer and the player is always a kind of invisible but very serious barrier in the form of the rules of casino games, the authority places, mediation management in dialogue, finally, guarantees the integrity of the dealer. And here the guys were like one-on-one with the oligarch, who besides playing also demanded active communication.

However, playing on the "interest" the desire was gone quickly, and a lot of money at the dealer trudges was not found, so Vale rich came up to play "push-ups". Yes Yes. On the push-ups. A loss - 50 push-ups. For game management began to select the most robust guys in good physical shape. This all translates into a fun event, and participate in the game no one was against. And when the forces of the dealer was running out and they are not able to overcome the allotted number of times Vale rich took out a notebook and wrote down quite serious "debt" to "deposit". Thus, in a makeshift sheet debt will soon be a pile of records with the name and number of his push gaming rivals.

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