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The magic of the spinning wheel and bouncing on the balls from falling at least for a while I think everyone who was in the casino. The essence of gambling attracts by its simplicity and total unpredictability, giving you the chance both to frequent and big wins where both adventurers and conservative players can fit into their style to terms with the rules on the wheel. Roulette was invented in France in the seventeenth century, but despite the passage of centuries, its rules are virtually unchanged. The casinos of the world can meet three main varieties of roulette: European, French and American.

The game of roulette is set in the rhythm of the individual spins or throws a ball in a circle spinning roulette wheel. The game leads the dealer, which is responsible for kicks, exchanging tokens and any winnings. At one table game with usually up to eight players, each of them playing against the house. The roulette wheel is divided into 37 divisions represented by a number from 1-36 and zero (a French roulette and European). American roulette has two zeros, for a total of 38 seats on the wheel. 18 numbers Roulette is red, 18 black and a zero is green.

Each player buys the dealer gambling chips on the roulette, which for each of the players have a different color so as not mixed up when betting. When you want to end the game the dealer replaces them into chips cash games, which have their cash denominations and can be converted to cash at the casino cashier. In online casinos you can bet while directly roulette chips of different denominations of money.

To play roulette in the casino ground should bet dialed numbers or a combination thereof (see below) on the main roulette table or in the fields of external (ie. Race-track). When most of the players bets their chips, roulette croupier speeds up turnover and throws the ball to his district. This is the last moment to put possibly even more, because for a moment the croupier gives a sacramental formula of "no more bets" ("End of bets") and remains the only track we fly balls. The online casino playing at a private table (for us), we can bet as long as we want, change the position of chips, denominations and so on, and when we are ready to hit the SPIN button and wait for the outcome of the roll.

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