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Video Slots

The video slot machines are one of the most popular individual games these days. Ever played the two, between the player and the machine itself, you can invest very little in this game and get very interesting prizes. This is a fully linked to luck game where the skill and technique of the player no concern, but are the options betting who dictate whether a player will succeed or not win at the slot machines.

Betting on slots Betting on a video slots is relatively simple, and in the real casinos that bet is made by placing a coin where indicated while the online casinos works all with a virtual portfolio and buttons with specific functions, but know all the bets and their cost is that it is more complicated. In the first instance it is important to know how many pay lines is that the machine works, it is through these paylines that your bet will vary. Although we counsel always bet max lines possible, using as much existing loans, it is important to know that this will entail a higher cost but also more likely to get a good premium.

Thus, the cost of each wager is made ??taking into account three factors: the number of pay lines, credits per line and also the cost of each line. Imagining that we have 20 pay lines, each 2 cents and bet 5 credits on each one, just multiply the three values to know the cost in this case is 200 cents or 2 euros. This is an example of an extremely expensive, but your premiums are also quite high compared to other lower value machines bet. The pay lines this is one of the most important factors for anyone who is looking to make money from slot machines.

These lines can be straight or zigzag across all existing rollers on the machine. The function of these lines is to know what are the prizes available for each machine, as if these lines match the same, the symbols in the various rollers depending on the line indicates the player will be awarded taking into account the pay table that each machine has. These lines will indicate which are the payments that each combination has been that the more symbols have the pay line, the higher the amount payable to the player. The payout tables are also quite important for players, since it is these that indicate the value that the player will receive if you hit 2,3,4 or more symbols in a given pay line. Before proceeding to any kind of betting the player should examine very well the pay lines and the table, because then know exactly what the outcome is going to get depending on the combinations you can. In short, the slot machines betting options depend casino to casino, and from machine to machine, so it is important to consider all factors before starting your bet and your game.

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