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The The game of backgammon (Casino) plays two participants with dice and black and white chips. One player gets the white pieces, the other - black. Each player is dealt 15 chips. Goal of the game of backgammon - make on the board there is not one of its fishki.lya to play backgammon, traditionally used wooden planks, stones to mark the account, and dice made of bones.

Casino Game board in Backgammon is divided into 24 triangle (also called points) in different colors and four main square (quadrants), with six points in each of them. Each of the players - has its own board, or "house" (also called the inner board) and the outer board (ie the board of another player). Boards are separated by a special partition. Examples of online games can be found here .

In fact, backgammon rules are pretty simple. Before the game, each player throws a bone, the one with the highest score falls, makes the first move, which uses a number drawn, and his opponent - he dropped out. Following this, the player uses both had bone. Early in the casino game of backgammon, the chips are placed across the board, and your task - to ship their chips into their half and remove them from the game. When all of your chips in their half, you can remove them. This is called discarding.

During the game you can exclude the chips your opponent out of the game, putting their chips on top of chips opponent. This can be done only if the point is just one piece. When the chip out of the game, it is placed on a partition and must return to the game before that player again begins to move his chips. Online Backgammon gained much popularity over the past few years, and many sites are now offering this classic board game. You can download and play backgammon on the real and virtual money, and each player can choose a worthy opponent. If you are interested in the game of backgammon online, tozdes we offer you two casinos with the best games of backgammon.

Backgammon - pretty intricate game, and there are more than a dozen books written about how to become an expert of the game. In order to master the game, it takes a lot of practice and experience. On the other hand, you do not need to be an expert on the game to get pleasure from it. Backgammon Online - a great fun game for players of all levels.

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